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 Encyclopedias and General Reference        

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Free Internet Encyclopedia

 WWW Virtual Library

WWW Virtual Library
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 Reference Desk
Reference Desk

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Study Web Comprehensive index that categorizes and reviews over 17,000 educational and reference Web sites.


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 Postal and Shipping        

 U.S. Postal Service
U.S.P.S. City/State Look-up
Provides the city and state for a submitted ZIP code

Enter Zip Code:

 Canada Post
Canada Post

 United Parcel Service
Enter a tracking number to track a UPS package.

 Federal Express
Track FedEx Express and/or FedEx Ground Shipments
  By tracking numbers
  By reference
  By email
  Expedited shipments via FedEx Custom Critical
  Cargo Shipments
  LTL shipments via FedEx Freight


 Today's Sports Birthdays

Who was born on this date?

ESPNET SportsZone

Search ESPN Keywords:  


The Olympics

SportsLine USA

CBS SportsLine

United States Golfer's Association

Professional Golfers' Association of America

Team NFL

Major League Baseball : @BAT

The Martial Arts Network

Sumo Web

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