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The default searches all GILS records located on
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Commission (NRC) GILS records at FedWorld
and National Aeronautical and Space
Administration at NASA.

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will retrieve both legislation and legislative.

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  Legislative Branch        

Legislative Agencies & Commissions

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  Judicial Branch        

 Supreme Court

 U.S. Circuit Courts and Courts of Appeal

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Government Documents

 Executive Branch        

Executive Office of the President (EOP)
The Executive Office of the President includes the White House and Office of the Vice President, plus offices which work directly with the President in preparation and implementation of major policy.

Executive Agencies
Agencies created by Congress assigned to oversee specific areas of top-level responsibility. 

Independent Agencies and Government Corporations
Created by Congress to deal with areas outside of the scope of normal legislation, the agencies and corporations take care of much of the day-to-day business of government.

Commissions, Boards and Councils

Quasi-Governmental Agencies
Not official agencies of the Executive Branch, but required by law to inform Congress of their activities. Their reports are published in the Federal Register.

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