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3D Atlas Online

Aerial Photography and Satellite Imaging Links:
·  Dundee Satellite Receiving Station;
·  Microsoft Terraserver Aerial Photographs From all Over the World;
·  Remote Sensing Research Organisation;
·  Satellite Images of the World
·  Satellite Photographs - Declassified Intelligence Background information, sample photographs.

ARL Electronic Atlas Project

Astrodienst Atlas Database

Atlapedia Online - key information on every country of the world.

Atlas of Canada

Atlas of the World - Large maps of countries of the world. There are also maps of a few cities of strategic concern such as Beijing, Guantanamo, Havana, Jerusalem, Keiv, Leningrad, Moscow, Port Au Prince, Shanghai, and Singapore. Maintained by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

AutoPilot - personalized and comprehensive travel itineraries

Berkeley Earth Sciences & Map Libraries - Information, Maps, Weather and Live Views about Capitals and Countries from around the World

Cartography - WWW Virtual Library

Census Bureau (U.S.)

Census Bureau U.S. Gazetteer

Census Data Nationwide U.S. information. Also refer to 1990 U.S. Census Lookup for interactive data retrieval.

Census Map USA Commercial Site.

CIA World Fact Book - 1999 - Countries described in terms of geography, language, climate, economy, etc.

City.Net Travel and Other Information on Municipalities, States, and Regions. See also the graphical interface Virtual Tourist World Map - VT2.

Climate Information Sources Special topics, climate centers, other indexes, sources of raw data, organizations, online publications.

Clouds Explanations, pictures, basic classification characteristics. More at the Cloud Catalog

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

Computer Graphics Bibliography (SIGGRAPH) Keyword searchable database. Over 13,000 references.

Currency Converter Quotes updated weekly, select desired currency and all other currencies will be converted relative to the selection. See also Daily Rates - 12 noon EST and the Money Abroad FAQ.

DeLorme: High Quality Maps for Every Need

Demographers, Internet Resources of Interest to Large Collection.

(World) Demographic Trends UN data. Includes world population estimates and projections, world population milestones, historical world population growth, and more.

Disaster-Related Information Specific disasters, preparedness and response, health, humanitarian issues, organizations.

Earth Viewer - Displays Day and Night Regions in Real Time

Earthquakes - Current Seismicity Lists, maps, and plots from USGS.

Earthquakes - Real Time Detailed Maps: Earthquake Bulletin

Ecology Links From Yahoo.

Environmental Monitoring and Data Collection The Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Demonstration presenting an overview of the ways in which remote sensing, digital image processing, and geographic information systems are being applied to environmental monitoring, data collection, modeling, and analysis. Text and images.

Federal Geographic Data Committee Includes Geospatial Data Sources by Agency, as well as National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Framework, Clearinghouse, Standards, and Discussion List.

Federal Geographic Data Committee (U.S.)

Federal Government Information Alphabetical and Subject Search Tool.

Federal Government WWW Servers (U.S.) Linked Index.

Federally-Funded Research in the U.S. Links to NIH, NSF, SBIR, USDA, ATP.

Fedworld Comprehensive Central Access Point for Locating and Acquiring Government Information.

Finding Your Way with Map and Compass The USGS Fact Sheet.

Flags of the World Flags of States, regions, and peoples, organized by geographical locations.

Fodor's Worldview Time-Sensitive Travel Information on Over 160 Destinations Worldwide

Foreign Affairs Network Gopher, Department of State (DOSFAN) Extensive reservoir of information on topic.

Fuzzy Logic Archive Basics, Tutorial, Fuzzy Expert Systems.

Geographic Information Processing Resources Alphabetical Listing of Many Government and Commercial Sites, Includes Arc/Info Introductory Course.

Geographic Information Systems USGS Description of GIS and Links to Key Sites.

Geographic NameServer and search engine at MIT

Geographic NameServer and search engine at USGS

Geographic U.S. Municipal Name Server/Xerox Map Gateway Enter Place Name, Receive List of Localities with Lat/Long, State, Feature Code, Zip Codes, Counties. Link to Map display of Specified Location. See also "How Far Is It?" to calculate distance between two places.

Geography Education Software (GEOSIM) Modules for introductory courses, including tutorials and simulation programs.

Geography Resource List (Mining Co.) An ever-evolving list of useful and/or entertaining resources in geography, organized into several categories.

(The) Geography Virtual Department Linking the discipline worldwide. List of University Geography Departments, Outline of the Discipline of Geography, Links to Course Materials, Research Resources, and more. Also see Geography Departments on the 'Net for a clickable map.

Geographical and Geological Sites An extensive compilation.

Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress Text Description of History, Collections, Reference Services, and Reading Room Schedule.

Geological Survey (U.S.)

Geoscience Links by Subject

Geostationary Satellite Server - real-time satellite images provide a view from above.

GIS (Geographic Information System) Links
· Census State Data Centers
· ESRI - GIS Software
· Geo Info Systems Online
· Getting Started With GIS - BY K. C. CLARKE
· GIS and Mapping
· GIS and Remote Sensing Site List Many top-level locations available through WWW, FTP, Telnet, and Gopher hypertext links. Lengthy.
· GIS Core Curriculum NCGIA Course Online.
· GIS Dictionary (AGI) Keyword Search.
· GIS - Great Sites
· GIS Internet Resources Other Gateways, Resource Collections and Documents, Information Servers, FAQ lists, Usenet Newsgroups.
· GISLinx
· GIS Master Bibliography Keyword searchable database.
· Green Map System - a globally connected, locally adaptable framework for community sustainability. Green Maps chart the sites of environmental significance in urban places everywhere.
· Maryland State Data Center
· Sonoma State University - Intro to GIS
· SPOT Satellite Images - locate any place on earth by latitude/longitude
· TerraServer: Find a Spot on Earth - Microsoft
· Tiger Map Server Browser
· Yahoo! - GIS Links

Global Change Master Directory

Global Land Information System (GLIS) Telnet for U.S. land use maps, graphs, geological information.

GPS (Numerous Links)

Great Circle Distance Calculator Computes the flight distance between any two points on the earth, given input of latitude and longitude for the two points. Output may be selected to be statute miles, nautical miles, or kilmeters.

Great Globe Gallery, The

Heritage Map Museum sells 15th to 19th century original antique maps and atlases, has links to 1000 cartographic sites.

History of Cartography - John Borchert Map Library

How Far Is It? Calculate "crow flies" distance between two (primarily U.S.A.) points, given place names. Also provides a map showing the two places, using Xerox PARC Map Server.

HumPop and IntlPop Population concepts and issues presented in a multimedia tutorial program (HumPop). Population change simulation program (IntlPop), with variable factors such as birth rate, life expectancy, migration rate. Includes demo.

International Affairs Resources Listing by Source and by Topic

Languages of the World Global language resources, tutorials, dictionaries, spoken samples.

Languages of the World - Ethnologue Database Information on some 6,500 languages spoken in the world. Access by country or territory, language family tree or other ways related, language or dialect name.

Languages of the United States Lists language, number of speakers and total population of group.

(WWW) Libraries Links to libraries throughout the world. [To be moved soon.]

Library of Congress Includes links to Country Studies, Thomas (legislative information), Exhibits, Special Collections, POW/MIA Database, Global Electronic Library, and others.


Maps at CMU

Map Collections American Special Collections. Historical Maps, Text Descriptions.

Maps More Collections, Online Maps, Related Sites

Maps Online Map Collections, US Shaded-Relief GIF Files, Interactive WWW GIS

Maps - Making Them Easy to Read Research on Cartographic Communication.

Maps in the News - John Borchert Map Library

Maps in the News The MapGate from DeLorme.

Maps of the United States

Maps On Us Interactively create maps to your specifications. Also use the Route Planner to plan trips. Provided by Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs).

Map Projection Bibliography Keyword searchable database.

MapQuest Interactively create maps to your specifications. Also use the link provided to TripQuest for calculating distances between points.

Map Room/Map Viewer (Xerox PARC) Interactive World Map, links to many key sites.

MetaData and WWW Mapping Home Page

Meteorology Online Textbook Modules Multimedia presentation on pressure, forces and winds, clouds, plus storm spotter's guide, a guide to weather maps and images, and more.

Metropolitan Boston Map

Mexico City 3D Map

Minerals Hypertext links from alphabetical list to decriptive information and photos. Also grouped by class and "interesting groupings." Search capability.

Money Abroad FAQ See also Currency Converter.

NAISMap Home Page

NASA Home Page Also try the NASA Thesaurus, an alphabetical entry point.

NASA Earth Observing System Project Science Office

NASA Technical Reports Server

National Atlas Information Service - Canada Products and Services, plus interactive GIS "Make a Map," and Geographical Name Query Tool.

National Atlas of the United States - designed to promote greater geographic awareness through the development and delivery of products that provide easy to use, map-like views of our natural and socio-cultural landscapes

National Geographic Map Machine

Orienteering and Rogaining Home Page The Sport That Uses Map and Compass to Find Course Across Unfamiliar Terrain. Includes Definitions, Mailing Lists, Announcements, and a Graphical Map of Club Distributions.

The Perseus Atlas Project an interrelated collection of hypermedia databases focused on classical Greece.

Peters Projection Map, The

Ping Datascape Map

Population and Demography Information Association of Population Centers, North American Demographic/Population Servers, Census/Federal Resources, International Servers/Data Sources, Related Fields.

Quick Maps of the World

(Shortwave) Radio Search for what's on now, at a specified time, by country, and by station. List of stations and countries in database included. Go to the Shortwave/Radio Catalog for general information, FAQ's, software, hardware, and Internet broadcast stations.

Radio Stations on the Internet Includes Websites for Many International Networks, such as BBC, VOA, Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Europe, Radio France, and others where additional information may be obtained.

Rare Map Collection - a collection of about 800 historical maps spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century.

Regional Scientists - Internet Resources List Compilation of many LISTSERV sites and archives, including links for most.

Relief Maps of the U.S.

(Internet) Resources for Geographers An extensive collection of links.

Road Construction - Rand McNally - Rand McNally gathers information from all 50 United States and some Canadian providences and updates its database once a month. You can search by state, road name, or construction start and ending date.

Russian Commonwealth Maps

Ryhiner Project, The - more than 15,000 maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, covering the whole globe

Satellite Tracking Pass Predictions Select from a menu of over 25 satellites, entering starting time, date, month, year, and duration.

Scientific Visualization and Graphics Description of Visualization, Software Packages/Evaluations, Image Viewing/Processing/Conversion, SciVis Techniques, FAQ's, more.

Section of Geography - France

Social Sciences List of Links by Subject.

Soils Servers List of Links, including Soil Conservation Service, USGS, others.

Solar System Views Images and Information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids.

Space Weather Current Space Weather Outlook, Solar Activity, Geomagnetic Field, X-Ray Flux Plot, Geosynchronous Satellite Environment Plot, Detailed Forecast, Images.

Space Remote Sensing Center (Commercialization of Remote Sensing and GIS)

Spatial Data Home Page List of Links to Land/Ocean Information Systems. Many Map Sites.

Speleology Home Page Societies, calendar of events, archives, pictures, surveying programs, newsletters/periodicals, equipment.

Stargazer Map To generate custom map, enter Date/Time and Lat/Long or Location. Optional: Limiting Magnitude, Constellations, Constellation Magnitude Limit, Meteor Showers, Reference Lines.

Statistical Sites (Kovach ) Commercial site, but with links to other information sources, Usenet groups, and FTP sites for statistical and data analysis software.

Statistics Many links from the WWW Virtual Library.

Statlib Statistical software, datasets, and information

TIGER Mapping Service - U.S. Bureau of the Census

Time and Date Select the geographic area from an international list to obtain the current time and date.

Timezone Converter Specify from menu the time zone, time and date to convert from, and the time zone to convert to.

Topographic Map Symbols - online guide has three brief descriptive sections: What is A Topographic Map, Reading Topographic Maps, and Topographic Map Information, which includes a list of related sites.

TopoZone - You can find maps here for almost two million outdoor places throughout the United States.

Travel Advisories - U.S. State Department List by Country. Keyword Search via gopher.

Travel Resources on the Internet Planning & Research, Area Guides, News, Things to Do, Currency. Travel Health Information covers general information, diseases and immunization, and environmental hazards. Also see Travel Medicine Service for links to WHO, CDC, NIH, DHHS, USSD, and others. For a voice connection to flight details, use Airline Tollfree Phone Numbers. Basic words and phrases (many with audio) in over ten languages are online at Foreign Languages for Travellers.

UK Street Map Page - covering Greater London.

U.S. Coastline Maps

U.S.G.S. Digital Line Graph Data Browser - Create maps of all 50 states using this first-of-its-kind program from the Geographic Information Center at UVa. Mapping variables include roads, lakes & rivers, federal lands, national historic sites, cities, indian reservations, and more.

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Gazetteer - United States Census Bureau

U.S. National Debt Clock The current estimated United States outstanding Public Debt, with the per capita amount also presented. Calibration is based on U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Bureau of the Census information.

U.S. Population Clock The current estimated United States population from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. See also the World Population Clock.

United Nations Information Services Large listing from the WWW Virtual Library.

Digitized images of maps in the University of Georgia rare map collection

Virtual Tourist World Map Geographic Directory of World-Wide Servers

Virtual Tourist World Map - VT2 Map-Based Interface to City.Net, a Library of Communities.

Water Conditions - U.S. Streamflow Map for Recent Month, text summary of month's noteworthy events.

Water Resources - U.S. USGS links to news, data, publications, additional sources of information.

Weather Browser Current U.S. Weather Reports - By Interactive Map and Station ID. Includes weather, temp, humidity, ceiling, barometer, wind, clouds, wind chill, dewpoint, and visibility. Source: Michigan State University.

Weather Machine Current Weather Reports - US and International Locations

Weather Maps Current US and Regional Weather Maps and Rainfall Rates

Weather Net Links to over 300 North American weather sites. Attempts to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date onramp to the world of weather data.

WebWeather Current Weather Reports - Select US Locations from List.

World Area Studies Internet Resources Links to related information, subdivided as Worldwide, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Mediterranean, Middle East, North America, Pacific/Australia, Russia/CIS, Small Islands, World Indigenous Peoples, Misc.

World Factbook CIA Country Descriptions

World Factbook (Search By Word) CIA Country Descriptions

World of Maps - Thousands of Maps and Travel Guide Books for destinations Around the World

World Population Clock An odometer-like display showing the current estimated world population. Will reload in 30 seconds under Netscape 1.1 or higher. See also the U.S. Population Clock.

World Sites Atlas - A collection of general and tourist information, plus Web links, maps, and photos, for countries, cities, and places of interest.

World Wide City Maps

Xearth Sets the X root window to an image of the Earth, viewed from a selected point in space, shaded for current position of the Sun

Xerox PARC Map Viewer Accepts requests for a World or USA map and returns an HTML document including an image of the requested map. Custom options are available.

Yahoo! Maps

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