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Another America : Native American Maps and the History of Our Land

by Mark Warhus
The Europeans who conquered the Americas and their descendants were not the first to map the hemisphere, museum curator Mark Warhus writes in this fascinating, richly illustrated study of Native American cartography. Indian maps--made on buffalo skins, rocks, bark, and, later, paper--claimed territorial rights, explained treaties among nations, delineated trade routes, and showed the locations of resources. Many of those maps wound up in dusty attics and the back shelves of museums, where Warhus has hunted them out; his stories of finding these lost treasures are as illuminating as his interpretations of what might be called pre-scientific ways of graphically describing the land. These maps, he writes, are of importance today not only for their own sake, but also as evidence of historic holdings in current claims over lost territories.

Publication date: 1997
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Atlas of Irish History

Sean Duffy (Editor), et al
From Celtic times to the Viking Wars to Cromwell to the Great Famine, Ireland's distinctive past comes alive. Forty-five double spreads frame all major events in Eire's history with authoritative but accessible text, period art, photographs, and definitive maps. Published to coincide with the PBS series, The Irish in America. Index.

Hardcover / Published 1997
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A Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe

by Dennis P. Hupchick, Harold E. Cox
The authors, professors at Wilkes University, designed this atlas to supplement material for college classes in east European history. It consists of a series of 50 maps, each with an accompanying page of detailed text. After a series of introductory geographic, cultural, and demographic maps, the history of the region is traced from the division of the Roman Empire in the third century to the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991. The maps are fairly simple outline maps in black and white, with shades of green, and are primarily concerned with the political history of the region. The accompanying text is an admirable summary of the history of the area, tracing the complex ethnic and cultural interactions of the peoples of Eastern Europe.

Publication date: 1996
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