"Many a quaint and curious volume of long forgotten lore"

Classical History


Alexander of Macedon 356-323 B. C. : A Historical Biography

by Peter Green

Reprint Edition
Paperback, 617 pages
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The Oxford History of the Classical World

by Oswyn Murray, John Boardman, Jasper Griffin

Hardcover, 882 pages
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History of Rome

by Michael Grant
Well-written and comprehensive, this book goes from the founding of Rome to the fall of Constantinople with not merely a chronology of events, but explanations of why things happened.
Excellent work. If I had only one history of Rome, this would be it.

Published by Prentice Hall
Publication date: June 1978
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The Ancient Mediterranean

by Michael Grant
Michael Grant is such a great writer of history that for those that find his History of Rome somewhat expensive (OK, I got my hardcover edition almost 20 years ago from a book club) this is an excellent chance to sample some of his writing.

Reprint Edition
Paperback, 374 pages
Published by New American Library Trade
Publication date: January 1990
Illustrated with 90 photos and maps.
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The Roman Empire

by C. M. Wells, Colin Wells
World History Editor's Recommended Book, 02/15/98:
The Roman empire begins with Julius, the first Caesar, and ends five centuries later with the establishment of Christian rule in Western Europe. C. M. Wells chronicles the astonishing growth of the empire through military innovations that gave soldiers and colonists a tangible stake in Rome's success through the award of captured lands. He helps make sense out of complex episodes in Roman history, among them the so-called year of the four emperors and the rise of non-Roman rulers such as Maximinus. Wells also looks at the legacy of the Roman empire in modern governments, which derive much knowledge about administration, road building, hydrology, and assorted other practical arts from their ancient forebears.

2nd Rep Edition / Paperback
Published by Harvard Univ Press / 1995
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The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome (Penguin Historical Atlases)

by Christopher Scarre
Matching clear graphics with informative text, Christopher Scarre's atlas gives a fine overview of Roman history from the emergence of the first city-state in the eighth century B.C. to the rise of Christian theocracy a millennium later. The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome is especially helpful in showing the growth of the Roman empire through successive centuries of military campaigning from Scotland to Arabia and in delineating the networks of trade, transit, and communication that bound the far-flung outposts to the imperial capital. Scarre notes that many of those networks still survive in one form or another.

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The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece

by Robert Morkot
This well-illustrated volume is just the thing to have on hand while working your way through the pages of Xenophon, Herodotus, and Thucydides. Robert Morkot traces the growth of Greece from a series of often conflicting city-states, each with its own colonial outposts as far from home as Spain and Tunisia, to loosely knit alliances that waged huge conflicts against the Persian empire--and, as in the case of the Peloponnesian War, against each other. The pages devoted to Alexander the Great, which show how the Greek empire came to extend from southern Egypt to the gates of China are particularly interesting.

Paperback, 144 pages
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